Internship Agreement Germany

11 Dec

You can do an internship in Germany, even if you are not studying at a German university or if you have not completed your studies. The only condition is that your internship somehow refers to the theme of your course. A voluntary internship is carried out for reasons of self-interest, i.e. it is not compulsory by the study regulations. We cannot tell you if there is a job offer at the end of your internship. It depends more or less entirely on the company that gives you the opportunity. It is advisable to determine what is the probability of a job at the end before starting, as this is your main goal. This is something that can be discussed during the signing phase of the contract. If you can, try to find other people who have done the internship before you to find out if she or any of their colleagues were then employed by the company. Before signing an internship contract, you should have it checked by an internship coordinator in your department or apply for standard internship contracts. Be aware that just because there is something being done is an internship does not mean that the work you will necessarily do will be that of an intern.

The tasks you perform as an intern must give you practical knowledge and practical experience in a given profession. In the end, if you work in different areas than previously agreed, or the same work as a regular employee, you may be legally qualified as a “regular worker” and you are entitled to at least the minimum wage, if not more. If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a work permit. If you are not an EU citizen, you do so. If you are studying and living outside Germany and applying for an internship in Germany, you must arrange a work permit before you can do an internship. They also need compulsory health insurance for all those who work in Germany and who are needed to obtain a work permit. To learn more about a visa in Germany, click here. You do not need a work permit for mandatory internships. With regard to voluntary internships, the law now requires that you receive in writing, before the start of an internship, a copy of the contractual terms of your activity signed by the person or persons who are doing the internship.