Nbn Other Agreements

13 Dec

(d) All other terms of sale (including the general terms and conditions of the supplier or third parties) are excluded and will not be included in any work declaration, order or conditions, except for the terms of the nbn policies. In the extent of the inconsistency between the terms of a nbn directive, a declaration of work, a po and these conditions, the order of priority of these documents reflects the order in which these documents appear in Clause 1 (d). (a) be made available to the supplier on this nbn site from time to time or in any other location communicated from time to time by nbn or nbn unit; or the delivery contract begins on the date it is accepted by the supplier (or on another date specified in the delivery contract) and continues until the delivery contract is terminated or terminated in accordance with these conditions or until each party complies with its obligations under the delivery contract , depending on what happens in the first place. CSG`s obligations to teleco retailers may therefore be included, for example, in broadband wholesale agreements between NBN Co and telecommunications companies. ACCAN believes that an appropriate service guarantee from NBN Co as a wholesaler is necessary for CSG to remain a viable consumer protection measure. If such guarantees are not made available to retailers, retail service providers may have no choice but to request exemptions from CSG`s contractual obligations. [47] 6.1 You must pay the fee on the application form based on the price you have chosen for the services you have selected. If a service plan indicates a maximum monthly transfer (expressed in gigabytes or otherwise), you must continue to pay the applicable monthly fee if the maximum monthly transmission limit is not reached. Every bandwidth that is not used in a month expires at the end of that month. (ii) reject the verified item (and all other products, services or work products with which it should be used) and terminate all or part of the relevant supply contract. When a nbn unit exercises its rights under this clause 9 (b) (ii), the supplier, without prejudice to the other rights and other remedies of the nbn company, must reimburse all costs and other amounts paid by the nbn unit for the refused products, services and products of work.

Confidential information about a party is confidential information, including information about its company, operation, strategy, management, technology, business, customers, customers, employees, contractors or suppliers, but no publicly available information, except in the event of a breach of trust. (f) The supplier may not export, disclose or transfer nbn data outside Australia, authorize the export, disclosure or disclosure of nbn data outside Australia, or allow anyone outside Australia to access nbn data or store or process nbn or other data, including personal data collected , stored, used, processed, generated or disclosed. , that these other personal data or data are part of the nbn data, in or in a cloud infrastructure, whether in Australia or outside, in all cases without the prior written consent of the nbn unit concerned. 2.1 Without limitation of any other provision of this Agreement, this agreement and the provision of services to you by IPSTAR are subject to agreement: these agreements and the activities they govern are different from the range of nbn™ declared in accordance with the XIC part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.