Redwood Apartments Lease Agreement

15 Dec

Terrible, they have mold the worst way they have in the rental contract they can`t sue for mold they don`t care about mold removal the right way I saw they weighed just about them the apartment have heat problems and the filters on ac/heating smelled all the roads like smoke was the only good thing about this place was Nina she was always a good helper. but I would never want this place on one, it is not worth what it cost nothing but the problems I had experienced for a year, they are very small and very satisfied to live, the office workers are very unpleasant and I hate these apartments , be careful to live them. They will give you a great bill if you leave after the lease While we appreciate all the reviews, we are disappointed to see that you have experienced such a negative experience in our community. Please note that our dedicated maintenance team is committed to resolving any reported issues as quickly as possible. If something needs attention in your home, please send a formal maintenance request so that our team is aware of the problem and can take care of it. You can call the office to discuss other issues or concerns. Thank you very much. We look forward to your time in our community and hope to improve your experience in this area as a whole. The Redwoods Apartments are located in the East Bay in Hayward, California, and are a well-maintained apartment community with a large courtyard, a glittering pool, friendly neighbors and helpful management staff. Plans for redwoods apartments include one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments, which are affordable starter apartments. Find your new home in this quiet neighborhood and you will agree redwoods apartments are home to some of the best maintained apartments available anywhere. The unique location of this accommodation near public transportation saves residents a lot of time, money and effort on their daily commute to and from work. On weekends or evenings, you can easily go shopping at Southland Shopping Centre or downtown Hayward.

If you need a coffee or burger, Cecil`s Famous Burgers and other restaurants are a short walk from Redwoods Apartments. For current Redwood residents and those renewing a rental agreement: we are happy to tell you personally about your housing needs and show you how our prices and functions fit into your lifestyle. Call the Redwood Apartments today to make your private visit. ____Estaremos encantados de hablar con usted personalmente sobre las necesidades de su apartamento y ver si hay ofertas especiales que se ajusten a sus necesidades. Llame a los apartamentos Redwood para establecer su tour privado. Redwood currently owns and manages more than 10,000 units in nearly 100 neighborhoods in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina and South Carolina. Redwood`s characteristic apartments with garages and private entrances are located in welcoming, green and centered neighborhood environments that offer residents the comfort of home and the amenities of a maintenance-free lifestyle. We are so sorry to hear that these incorrect charges have caused concern for you, although we appreciate your kind words about our maintenance team. We would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and clarify any uncertainty about your bill; Please contact our office as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you to improve your experience.

Thank you very much. Every month, there is a new tax on our rent that we are not supposed to pay.