Tsis Trade Agreement

19 Dec

The “commercial contracts” instrument is a multilingual system of web-based multilateral trade agreements and instruments to help trade support institutions (ITS) and policy makers optimize their country`s legal framework for international trade. The ITC`s Trade Law Division offers a technical assistance program to improve a country`s legal framework for international trade, resulting in a country-by-country analysis license. The programme is implemented in cooperation with national policy makers, TSIs and the legal and economic world. These include training in multilateral trade agreements, assessing the country`s strengths and weaknesses, and training in the use of the LegaCarta database. The ITC has developed a database that is a single point of contact for the more than 750 multilateral trade agreements that are currently effective worldwide. At the country level, the multiplicity of international agreements makes it difficult for policy makers to decide which treaties should be ratified, which contracts should be ignored and which have greater influence on improving the national/regional business environment. The global database includes: in November 2005, as a tool for policy makers known as LegaCarta, it has been made more accessible to a wider audience since the beginning of 2011 as a web system. Information and technical assistance on all multilateral trade agreements (as well as other legal instruments such as standard laws, commercial practices, institutional participations) include international institutions and professionals, particularly a country`s legal and business environments. The TPO Network World Conference and Awards, held every two years, is a TPOs initiative for TPOs, which provides a dynamic platform for exchanging information on current global issues that challenge the business environment, best practices and experience. The TPO network is derived from this event to offer an ongoing platform for TSIs, in order to benefit from opportunities for cooperation and access to a global knowledge body. For more information, see: www.tponetwork.net The Commercial Law Department implements the technical assistance programme at different levels, depending on the needs expressed by the country. Technical assistance can be provided in integrated form or as stand-alone modules. The integrated form reaches the various levels of a legal framework: from policy makers to the ratification of important contracts, through knowledge of the treaties ratified in certain ministries (trade, foreign affairs, justice) and/or other relevant public institutions, trade promotion bodies such as chambers of commerce and exporting organisations, the academic community for the legal and economic world.