What Is The Agreement The Hebrews Made With Their God Known As

20 Dec

Well, it`s a strange story. You can imagine that crossing the Red Sea would be terribly difficult, but a red sea is something completely different. They are swampy areas, and that is probably what they are going through. The texts of ancient Egypt mention a domain called Patchoufy: The Reeds. That is probably what they have exceeded. The Israelis then spent 40 years in the desert. When they finally approached the land of Canaan, Moses died and Joshua became their new leader. One day Moses saw an Egyptian fight and a Hebrew struggle. He intervened and killed the Egyptian. But when we found out, he fled for his life. In the land of Midian, probably somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula, he married the daughter of a priest, had two children and settled as a pastor.

This may have been the end of his story, except that his countrymen were still enslaved in Egypt and God decided to do something about it. We know very little about the Ten Commandments. We do not know when or where they were written or who wrote them. One theory is that they could only be written if the Hebrews had settled in the Promised Land, because the commandments would not have been imposed. But the first commandment seems to have been born from the encounter of a man with his God in the wilderness. Moses himself could have been the author of some commandments. He had been taught to read and write in the royal nursery. But Moses also lashed out at a lack of respect for God. The story of its failure is told in the numbers 20:2-13. As a result, Moses is forbidden to enter the Promised Land with Israel.

Thus, he gives a long series of speeches in the book deuteronomy that explain in detail the dynamics of God`s relationship with Israel. Then he climbs Mount Nebo, east of the Jordan River, from where God gives him a panoramic view of all the promised land. And it is there that he dies, as he lived, in the presence of God (Deuternomy 34). Could the tsunami have divided the waters of the Rose Sea? If you look at ordinary waves, you see that the water is receding from the shore just before the break. A mega-tsunami would syphon billions of gallons of water – not only from the shoreline, but also from the linkage of rivers and lakes – and create as long as two hours of dry land. The history of the exodus is fundamental to black people, because we find a group of people who are slaves and who suffer both from economic and political servitude and sometimes from genocide and infanticide. They call God to help, and what God does is react by liberating them, destroying their oppressors and leading them to freedom.