Agreement Refugee Crisis

8 Apr

Following Turkey`s attempted coup in 2016, the Greek authorities called for emergency measures in a number of Aegean islands to stem the growing influx of refugees from Turkey; The number of migrants and refugees willing to travel to the Aegean Sea had increased significantly. In Athens, officials expressed concern that Turkish observers monitoring the agreement in Greece were abruptly dismissed after the failed coup, with no sign of their replacement. [469] The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) has warned of a further outbreak of the refugee and migrant crisis due to political instability in Turkey. [470] As the number of refugee and migrant arrivals continued to rise and the political climate continued to deteriorate, European states began to increase pressure on Turkey to control departures from their coastal towns. A number of European states – led by Germany, hithert considered the most refugee-friendly country – have begun negotiating a migration control agreement with Turkey, which culminated in the EU-Turkey agreement. The migration partnership framework, introduced in 2016, implements greater resettlement of migrants and other legal migration routes. [141] Its objectives are consistent with the EU`s efforts throughout the refugee crisis to divert the responsibilities and legal obligations of EU Member States to transit and source countries. [141] [143] In clarifying migration flows to third countries, the policy gives Third World countries the responsibility.[ [143] States with insufficient resources are required by law to ensure the protection of migrants` rights, including the right to asylum. [143] Target states, as part of border implementation strategies, are responsible for rights that are violated outside their territory. [143] The fundamental rights of migrants may be affected by the visibility of borders; [143] For example, migrant children are recognized as a special status under international law, although they are vulnerable to human trafficking and other crimes during transit. Migrants arriving from the Middle East crossed 6 km of water to the Greek islands of Chios, Kos, Lesbos, Leros, Kastellorizo, Agathonisi, Farmakonisi, Rhodes, Samos, Symi and other islands close to Turkey, which acts as a fast and accessible border with Europe. [453] [454] [455] [456] Some arrived from Turkey through the Evros terminal. In June 2015, 124,000 migrants had arrived in Greece, 750% more than in 2014, mainly from refugees from the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Greece asked for help from the European Union, while UNCHR`s Europe Director Vincent Cochetel said migrant facilities in the Greek islands were “totally inadequate” and the islands were in “total chaos.” [457] The murder of Ashley Ann Olsen in her Italian apartment by an illegal immigrant from Senegal quickly became politically significant in the context of the European migration crisis.