Chapter 4 Of The Nafta Agreement

8 Apr

2009.11-2009.39 A change in the 2009.11 sub-position to 2009.39 of any other chapter except in position 08.05. Change of a different quality from sub-positions 0306.11 to 0308.90 of any other chapter. 54.01-54.06 A change in positions 54.01 to 54.06 of any other chapter, with the exception of positions 52.01 to 52.03 or 55.01 to 55.07. A change of a different quality from the 2009.90 subheading of any other subheading in Chapter 20, whether there is also a change from another chapter, provided that a single ingredient of juice or juice from a single non-part, of a single thickness, does not represent more than 60% in product volume. Change in the tariff position of another chapter, with the exception of positions 08.05 or 20.09 or tariff position 2202.90.aa. changes to sub-positions 1302.11 to 1302.32 of any other chapter; excluding poppy concentrates from subse position 2939.11.2009.39 or cranberry juice from the 2009.80 sub-position, whether or not there is a change from another chapter, provided that a regional value is not less than: A change in camel or dromedare skins from position 41.03 of each other chapter, excluding Chapter 43; Or Note 2: Valid 18 months from the effective date of the agreement and not permanent Chapter Note 1, a credit in this chapter containing substances from No. 59.03 applies to the determination of the origin of this chapter as original products only if all fabrics used in the manufacture of the fabrics of No. 59.03 are manufactured and screwed on the territory of one or more of the contracting parties. This does not apply to products from No. 63.05, products from subse position 6306.12 or 6306.22 or products from subse position 6307.90 that are not surgical curtains or national pavilions. 41.01 A modification of the leathers or skins of No.

41.01 that have undergone reversible tanning (including wheat) of any other quality of No. 41.01 or another chapter; or a change in sub-position 5801.36 of another chapter, with the exception of positions 51.06 to 51.13; 52.04 to 52.12, 53.10 to 53.11 or chapters 54 to 55. 0910.30 A change to sub-position 0910.30 in a quantity of subse position 0910.30 of this sub-position or another chapter. 4106.40 Modification of wet bronzed leathers and skins (including wet blue) of subheading 4106.40 of subheading 4103.20 or any other chapter; Note 1: Clothing products in this chapter originate when they are cut and sewn or otherwise assembled in the territory of one or more contracting parties, and if the outer shell tissue, without ligaments or cuffs, is entirely composed of one or more of the following products: a modification of the crocidolite fibers or mixtures obtained from crocidolite or using crociolite and magnesium carbonate from subse position 6812.80 any other chapter 5407.61 in wires, with a rotation of 900 turns or more per metre, entirely made of polyesters, measuring no less than 75 decix, but no more than 80 decix and 24 filaments per thread of sub-position 5402.44, 5402.47 or 5402.52 or any other chapter, except nos. 51.06 to 51.10, 52.05 to 52.06 or 55.09 to 55.10; or 04.05 A change in position 04.05 of another chapter, with the exception of tariff position 6212.10 A change in subheading 6212.10 of any other chapter, provided that the goods are cut, sewn or assembled by other means on the territory of one or more contractors.