Sag Low Budget Short Film Agreement

12 Apr

If you produce a film, your project is now classified as SAG Theatrical Rates. With TV series, you would now be categorized as a simple cable show and maintained at this pay scale. When you think of working with union actors, you should be aware of certain things. The union has a large number of contracts that are designed to make it relatively easy to use, not abuse, union actors. Most contracts are for feature films and are based on budget levels; However, there are also provisions for a small number of short films. These are all legally binding treaties that apply to you and to the actors. If you sign these contracts, you will become a “union co-signer,” but don`t worry – most contracts with a lower budget allow you to mix union and non-union talent, and that has no influence on the crew you hire. So you can hire your friends, the union team or even the union, if you wish. The most important thing is that it`s the image, not the life, to be unionized, so if you don`t launch union actors for the next film, you don`t need to sign a contract with the union. I am very sure that some of the projects that I have carried out and produced by someone else would not have had the opportunity to go with the union players in their budget, so the project would never have come to light. I wasn`t aware of the new media contract when I made my last short film in which I had union actors working, so I used the short film contract, and now I would have liked to have been aware of the new contract with the media and opting for the new contract with the media instead – it would make my short film so much easier. If you are planning your next film and you are interested in the casting of union actors, I advise you to appropriate SAG Indie to get started.

They are there to simplify the process. In addition to that the shapes are a bit complicated, it adds layers of complications. This is not just the SAG signature form, but the form to get a pay slip or the form to obtain government insurance. And then there are constraints where the film can be screened when it is finished, especially in ultra-low-budget shorts, because it ends up in a more expensive movie class (with higher pay rates) if we decide to show the film beyond the tracks defined in the ultra-low-budget short film contract. The three most flexible contracts are the student film, the short film and the new media contract.