Media Partner Agreement Template

27 Sep

5.5 The confidentiality obligations set forth herein shall apply even after the termination of this Agreement and shall remain in full force and effect as long as such confidential information remains confidential. The media partnership agreement should be exactly to the extent that you want to attract your business. Generally speaking, the answer is a lot more advertising than your current marketing budget could get, but this needs to be explicitly explained in the agreement. For example, the agreement with a newspaper could outline a number of ads indicating the frequency, size and placement of ads, as well as costs that would be at a discounted price. With a radio station, the contract could include not only commercials at certain times and days, but also a few air interviews. The agreement should clearly state what your business will gain from doing promotions. In exchange for the help, the IIB Board is looking for: 1st registration of the IIB Council logo on your website as a supporting partner. 2. Include the IIB Council logo in your online and physical promotional materials. *(brochures, newsletters, etc.) 3. X % discount on conference ticket prices for IIB Council members.

A good example of a media partnership is the agreement between an Indian newspaper and a leading European business school to attract more training companies from India. The Business School provided a monthly management column written by its academics. She increased her profile in India, while the newspaper gained new readers and greater authority because she had experts she wrote for her. Exclusivity is important for the partnership to be effective on both sides of the agreement. For business, you need the media partner to be at least exclusive when it comes to your industry. If your competitors have similar deals, it will weaken the effectiveness of your deals. If you form media partnerships with a large number of media companies, what you offer to media companies will also be less valuable. If the media has access to you as a source or for current news, it is not as effective for other media to have the same access. If any provision or provision of this Agreement is held to be unlawful or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not be affected. The IIB Council`s media partnership models exist in two forms. The difference between the two models of cooperation is whether you are willing to offer us a stand at your event or to associate an expert from the IIB-Conseil during round tables/keynote sessions. Please choose the model that suits you in the following outputs: 10.2.2 after immediate written notification in case of insolvency of the other party; or 3.4 Each party reserves the right to immediately terminate the other party`s use of its trademark or copyright materials by notifying the other party in writing if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the other party has breached the terms of this Agreement.

By entering into a partnership agreement with a media company, you form a link with this outlet in order to pay special attention to your company`s news and promotions. . . .