Mineral Development Agreement In Tanzania

27 Sep

In addition, the following rules have been adopted: the Mining (Diamond Trade) Regulations; mining rules (Mirerani Controlled Area); and value addition guidelines. The holder of a mineral right must submit, within twelve months of the issuance of the licence, a detailed programme for the recruitment and training of Tanzanians, in accordance with the local content plan. The programme provides for the training and recruitment of Tanzanians at all stages of mining, taking into account gender equality, persons with disabilities, host communities and succession plans, in accordance with the Employment Act. A mining rights holder must ensure that qualified Tanzanians are first considered for employment. Only Tanzanians are entitled to junior or medium level positions, including foreman, supervisor or any other equivalent position. Both measures may constitute quantitative restrictions on exports, prohibited by Article XI(1) of GATT45, and which may make Tanzania vulnerable to legal challenges from other WTO Member States46. a partnership; and, for primary licensees, a joint venture with a development partner….