Which Statement Is In Agreement With Darwin`s Steps Of Natural Selection

16 Oct

Lewontin`s principles implicitly or explicitly invoke a number of causal processes, including development, reproduction, survival, and heredity. While it is debatable whether Lewontin succeeds, his three principles are clearly aimed at capturing at least what is sufficient for a cycle of evolutionary change by natural selection, something that, if repeated, could be used to explain adaptation and specification. As mentioned earlier, theorists working on type recursions who consider selection to be a different amount from drift generally consider it to be a different cause as well. Forber and Reisman explicitly invoke the interventionist representation of causality, arguing that natural selection (and drift) are considered causes (Reisman & Forber 2005). It should be understood that the relative suitability of various characteristics depends on the current environment. Thus, properties that adapt now can then become inappropriate if the environment changes. Conversely, traits that have now become fit may have been present long before the emergence of the current environment, without having gained an advantage under previous conditions. Finally, it should be noted that fitness refers to reproductive success compared to alternatives here and now – natural selection cannot increase the proportion of traits simply because they can one day become beneficial. A thorough reflection on how natural selection actually works should clearly explain why this is so.